Iron Jawed Angels Forever

Amaris Harrison
Date: 3/17/2014

1.) Where is Alice Paul from? Who is she?:

Alice Paul was born January 11th, 1885 and died on July 9th, 1977. Alice Paul was born in Mount Laurel Township, NewJersey and attended Swarthmore college and the University of Pennsylvania. Paul did everything she could to make sure that women were treated equally including getting arrested more than seven times and being imprisoned three times.

2.) When did Susan B. Anthony die? Who is Susan B. Anthony?

Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15th, 1820 and died on March 13th, 1906. Anthony plays a vital role in the women's suffrage movement. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was her partner in crime and together they were determined to do whatever it took to gain equal rights for women. In 1868, they began to publish a women's rights newspaper called The Revolution then, in 1869 they founded the National Woman Suffrage Association.

3.) What did the British do to give women's suffrage a bad name? What would change if men weren't allowed at the parade?

The women's suffrage movement was the right for women to vote and to stand for electoral office. I believe there wouldn't be as much violence as there was demonstrated in the movie (Iron Jawed Angels) if men weren't allowed at the parade. Men were the main one's that didn't want women to have equal rights because later on, they may be threatened and not have their pride and power because women would soon become equal to them. Also, the British gave women's suffrage a bad name by having unfair rules which made Alice Paul leave in the first place.

4.) How would the women's suffrage parade change if there were only two members? Why can men overthrow the women's suffrage parade and get away with it?

The women's suffrage parade wouldn't have affected our country as it has today. women still wouldn't be allowed to vote nor run for president or be treated mostly equal in the work force. Men were only "allowed" to overthrow the women's suffrage parade because men were considered superior to women during this time period. Men made the income while women were their house slaves cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids while they were at work. Women were born to do that during the 1800's.

5.) Who is Lucy Burns? What did she do during the women's suffrage movement?

Lucy Burns was born on July 28th, 1879 and died on December 22nd 1966. Burns was an American suffragist and women's rights advocate. Alice Paul and Lucy Burns became leaders of the National American Women Suffrage Association. Also, both women took women's suffrage extremely serious, so serious that both Burns and Paul  felt that it was right to hold the political party in power responsible for a federal suffrage amendment.

1.) The Revolution Newspaper:

The Revolution Newspaper was created by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Both of these women were in the National American Women's Suffrage Association in which they would write about the rights that women needed and why women deserved them. Also, they would write about how women were treated such as in the work force, work environments, and in the general public.

2.) Alice Pauls' jail letter:

Alice Paul was summoned to jail a few times in which she was only summoned because of her protests during the women's suffrage movement and her trying to get women and men to sign and petition against how women were treated. Paul was arrested several times but was only imprisoned at a minimal of three (possibly maximum as well).

3.) Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stantons' letter to congress:

Susan B. Anthony was a vital part of the women's suffrage movement along with her partner in crime Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Both of them were extremely determined to get equal rights for women in all parts of life and were so determined that they began to publish their own "womens" newspaper called The Revolution. As shown above, the  women also have written letters to congress explaining the problem and trying to find a solution for this problem.

4.) A newspaper article about women's suffrage:

Women's s suffrage was a crucial time for not only America but all parts of the world. Women weren't being treated equally anywhere. Women needed to live up to the stereotype of having kids, cleaning the house, cooking, and taking care of the kids while the husband is at work making money. Women like Alice Paul believed that was wrong and decided to put an end to it by getting people to sign petitions for women to gain equal rights and by having parades and marching in protests.

5.)  Women's suffrage political cartoon:

Men and the rest of the population in America believed that women weren't good enough to be in politics nor did they have the brain for it. As I've stated several times before, the people of America (and most of the rest of the population of the world) believed that women only belonged at home in the kitchen and could be treated anyway because they had no authority and were inferior when it came to men.

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1.) A few user reviews from the move Iron Jawed Angels. The movie was primarily good and was much easier to follow than reading about the women's suffrage movement. Also, this link gives you a list of the characters and what the movie is about if you haven't read about the women's suffrage movement.

2.) This is a link about the women's suffrage movement that occurred in America during the 1800's. This explains who the main women were involved in the movement and why they were so significant during the women's suffrage movement. Also, this shows what the members of the National American Women's Suffrage Association did in order for women to gain equal rights in America.

1.) Bodies by Drowning Pool

Above, the first video let the bodies hit the floor is similar to the women's suffrage movement because, the working conditions that women had to work in. Many women jumped to their deaths because there were bolted doors and shut windows therefore, they would have to break the window and leap to their deaths rather than to suffer through poor working conditions for the bare minimum pay they received.

2.) Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch

The second video relates to Iron Jawed Angels because the lyrics "can't take it anymore, shake until we move the floor." Reminded me of how determined the women of the women's suffrage movement were to gain their equal rights. Also, this video is a slideshow video which shows each picture of the women's suffrage movement that goes along with the song phenomenon.

3.) Will the circle be unbroken

This final song is in the movie Iron Jawed Angels which the women begin to sing as soon as they go on a hunger strike in the women's correctional institute. Alice Paul gets sent out of the women's cafeteria for refusing to eat for days and is then taken to a room in the back where she is force fed and gagged with wounds on her from the employees holding her down and gagging her with a feeding tube.

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