Juliana smith

The Moons import

The moon's phases

first of all we need to talk about  the moon's  phases. First is the new moon ,waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbons, full moon, wanning gibbous , third quarter, wanning crescent.    

The moons role

the moons has 3 simple plays in its role. first the tide second the phases third is the eclipses. First were going to talk about the moons tides now because the moon is so close to the earth it has a small pull on the earths tide. This cause the earth to raised water some spots and less water in the other spots. It the tides accrue twice a day. There are two typs of tides.

Why the moon is important

so as I was saying the moons is very needed for... tides eclipse and its phases. now the only thing that its good for its tides. But that relay good, so its got like this one important role. That we all need. It also gives us light in the night hours so I guess that could be good to.


Oops that's not good

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