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Julia Coleman

I am a second grade teacher at Sutton Elementary School, located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. It is a large school, comprised of grades Pre-K through 6th, with a little over 500 students currently enrolled.

Fort Smith is the second largest city in Arkansas and has a rich and colorful history. There are several museums located in the city that allow a person to investigate the history of Fort Smith. A picture is worth a thousand words - therefore this great video!

Just the Facts

Fort Smith has a current population of 87,443. The demographics of this city are as follows: Caucasian: 69.3%, African American: 9.0%, Asian: 5.3%, Pacific Islander: 0.1%, and Hispanic: 16.5%. This is an urban area, but one can make a short drive and be surrounded by nature. The median household income is $37,340 and 20.7% of the population has a Bachelor's degree or higher. (US Census Bureau)


Presenter: Julia Coleman

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