By: Natalie Jaime

The Study Of The Human Mind

The Marshmallow Test

To Understand The Mind, You have To Get Inside.

Music Psychology

In this video, you'll see how music can effect your emotions.

   A Psychologist Studies How We...

Psychologist Credentials


Associates of Art (AA) Associate Of Science (AS)

Bachelors degrees

Bachelors Of Social Work (BSW) Bachelors Of Social Work (BA)

Masters Degrees

Masters Of Social Work (MSW) Masters Of Arts Or Science (MA) (MS) Masters Degree In Social Welfare (MSW) Masters degree Of Science In Counseling (MSC) Masters Degree Of Arts In Professional Counseling (MPC) Masters Degree Of Science In Education (MsEd)

Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Degree Of Marriage And Family Therapy (DMFT) Licentiate In Psychology (LPSY) Doctor Of Psychology (PsyD) Doctor Of Philosophy (PhD)

Psychology Tools

Generalized Anxiety Scale

This is a self survey to see how the patient has been feeling and dealing with anxiety or other emotions.

Binge Eating Scale

This is another self survey for the patient to make sure that they are staying healthy.

Psychologist Job Responsibilities!

1.) They have to be able to talk to patients and learn to be PATIENT!
2.) They have to know how to treat a patient the right way.
3.) Do LOTS of research!

Interesting Fact!

Blue is a calm color that relieves stress! (That's why this color scheme is blue)


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