Bloody     paradise      in     hell

I got there with my friend and it is kind of rush so I have not fully experienced the journey but we still have a lot of fun. First we met a guy come far from California on the train, I teach him Beijing accent, he show us America English, and we encountered a A-yi who used to lived in south of China, we talked a lot just the four of us, she has moved to Kowloon peninsula, says many ways to work it out if inland citizen wants to go cross the channel, including steal into, but i am just curious you see, I did considered search for a subject to study there, but people in there go abroad, so I finally decide to go to a wide,wild,world page instead, but i love it there, it's just hard to explain.

I was taking money along with a long list of families and friends what they count on me to buy, and yes my basic goal was to shop(cover face for me here). I  did drag my friend with me and my aunt to Times Square, Sogo... and also went some HK boys and girls' places where they would hang out, by chance we found some witch women sitting under the bridge helping people do some"Villain hitting"...totally amazing, and scared to see the real gangsters living between alleys, honestly the air could got weird suddenly when they pass you by.. At night call up that California guy and his friend taking us to a pub, chat a while then the next day,Shopping again...(someone needs to cover me here one more time )...

Basically people think Hong Kong as the shopping paradise, it does filled with material desire and they are materialism supreme!..Not some heaven at all.Of course no one has to deny the fact that it came to this commercial surrounding for some reason. So let me put it this way,"Bloody Paradise in Hell." ----In fact many other places are exactly the same at this point.

To me standing on the street,smelled the fish ball,egg puff,very little spicy rice noodles,milk tea,roasted, sauced meat,gorgeous flavors of sweat soup,mouth-watering Japanese snack in the bazaar,all mixed up floating together with Eason's song"无人之境" flowing around my body...that local coffee shop's latte and Italian coffee scent,it taste fantastic while we look down to the pedestrian rushing into the rain from high up here through the moisture glass...