Australian Experiences

The perspective that I have chosen to look deeper into the coastal experience as I believe it is something that I can kind of relate to, however I would like to learn more about it. I believe that this picture below represent the idea of coastal experience as it shows us the common uses that the coast is used for and how everyone is able to share the coastal experience as it can be viewed and used in many ways. The whole idea of coastal experience gives others the idea that life and identity in Australia  is very strong and passionate in our costal experience and we pride ourselves in the way our beaches and coasts look so we can share this coastal experience with many others from around the world. my perspective on coastal experience is very good as I also love the idea of going to the beach and being able to use the natural beauty Australia has, which mean that both mine and the other perspective are very similar. the most interesting thing that I believe I have learnt about Australian experiences is the impact that some peoples experiences can have on other people around the world and that many people are ashamed of the experiences they have had. this Australian experience can offer to our society the connection between our natural features of the world and ourselves and help us to be able to enjoy the simple things we have been given in life.