Why it's Important to Find New Energy Sources

Over the past two hundred years mankind has managed severely damage the environment through exorbitant use of fossil fuels. We have caused acid rain which affects our fauna, trees, and water systems, and we have depleted the ozone layer. Some cities around the world have such dangerous levels of pollution that on certain days people have to wear masks (usually people who have respiratory illnesses). Incidents of respiratory related illnesses and non-smoking related lung cancer are on the rise with a strong correlation to the polluted atmosphere.

The second concern is the need to find replacement fuels is due primarily to people rapidly using up resources that can not be replaced. Trees are being harvested at alarming rates, which is leaving topic soil uncovered and causing run off. There will be no more fuels such as coal and oil for future generations if something is not done. The fuels were made by species that no longer exit after millions of years of time to decay and transfer. We are quickly running out of time.

Bruce Ogden lives in the state of Colorado, and is the director of an engineering and design firm. Over the years he has developed some great relationships working in this position, which has opened many doors in the professional community. He plans to someday become an entrepreneur, coming up with energy solutions through a number of industries. He hopes to eliminate the United States need to be dependent on foreign energy, as well cut back on mankind’s use of the environment.

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