Katherine Artica

Favorite class

Science is my favorite subject because I learn new things every day. Science is a very exciting subject because you can do experiments, learn new things, learn how things work, and blow things up!

Favorite Food
My favorite type of food is Honduran food

I don't really have a favorite dish, but my favorite type of food is Honduran food. I was born in Honduras, but I didn't live there for long.

Last book I read

It is an exciting book about a dystopian future where people go through extensive surgeries to become pretty without really knowing what the consequences are.

Favorite book
No Longer A Slumdog

It's a story of redemption, a celebration of lives transformed from despair to hope.It's about the children of Asia fighting for their freedom

Favorite Movie
Entre Nos

This is the story of a woman who has just arrived from Columbia along with her 2 children and has to struggle living in the city.

Favorite Band/Group

I don't have a favorite band/ group. I listen to different types of music so its hard to chose one.


I like to create things with my mom. I like to make floral arrangements and stuff like that. ( I love going to Micheals and Hobby Lobby!!)

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