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Leonato's Motivations

In this paragraph, write about what your character does, and what you think motivates your character. Why do they do the things they do? Do their motivations change? If so, make sure you explain how they change from the beginning to the end of the play, and why. If you're not sure about what motivates them, think about how they interact with different people. For example, Beatrice says she is courteous to everyone else, only disdainful with Benedick. Why is this? Add a picture that you think illustrates what you are talking about here. Be sure to include at least one quotation if you are aiming for an exceeds score. For example, I might write that Leonato is deeply motivated by his public image because, when he learns that Hero might not be a virgin, he shouts "Why had I one? Why ever wast thou lovely in my eyes?"

Character's Development

In your second paragraph, write about how Shakespeare develops the character. There are several ways to look at this. Ideally you write about each of these things:

1. What does this character look like and what do they wear? How old are they, who are they related to?

2. What does this character DO and what does this say about what kind of person they are?

3. What does this character say?

4. What do other people say about this character when they are around and what do other people say about this character when they are not around, and what does this say about them?

5. What do other people know about this character that they do not seem to know about themselves?

6. How does the character change from the beginning of the play to the end?

Don't forget to include a quotation in this section if you are aiming for an exceeds.

Impact on Plot and Theme

In the third and final paragraph, include how the character impacts both the plot and the theme. How does your character impact the plot? Would the ending be different if they were not in the play?

The theme of the play is love. How does your character add to this theme. What type of lover is your character? What do they love, who do they love? Do they enjoy the game (ludos), the physical (eros), friendship (storge)? Do they have a more complex relationship with love such as mania (eros + ludos), pragma (ludos + storge), or agape (eros + storge)?

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