Spanish Clerk

The Spanish agent helped in the advancement of the trade and expansion of the world.

I am a Spanish clerk that works in The Casa de Contratacion Established in Seville. During the 1500, people were starting to expand and look for spices and other herbs in other parts of the world.  During this exploration, they found the Americas, or the new world.  In 1503, the city of Seville was awarded the right to exclusively trade with the new world. Therefore, we set up The Casa de Contratacion, or House of Trade or commerce so that it would be easier to trade with them. All of the ships that wanted to go to America had to go through our port because of our direct trade with the New World. As a clerk, I would manage all of the operations done by the house. In general the house was the overseer of the trade between the Spanish and the Americas. Eventually it evolved into the center of the slave trade and the port for ships that were travelling to the new world. This helped regulate trade to and from the new world.

The types of people that come through The House on a daily bases vary.  You may have explorers, wealthy kings or queens, and then peasants that want to trade their crops that they grew.  Some of the trade that The House would help regulate was slave trade, trade of spices, and the trade of crops and other common goods.

The video above is about the discovery of the House of Commerce, and the trade that was going on in the time of the New World discovery.  It explains the beginning of the trade, and the reason that the trade began.  It explains the expansion of the world to the new world, and the search that went on for new resources in new places.

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