Ms. Rankin's Kindergarten Class

Welcome parents/guardians and students to Ms. Rankin’s 5th grade class!

I am so excited to be your student’s teacher this year! I hope you will find that this year will contain a lot of new and exciting information. I invite and encourage parents to come check our classroom out anytime! I am also always open to communication through the information provided on the classroom webpage.

We will be working with many different types of technology this year. As you may have heard, our school got brand new laptops this year and each student will be assigned their very own Chrome book. I have attached a technology contract that both parents/guardians and students will have to sign before being able to use a laptop. Please bring this to class within the first week of school so we can get started! J We will also be learning many different ways to conserve water, energy, and resources that will ultimately lead up to our Truckee River Project towards the end of the year that parents will be able to come and enjoy.

I frequently use class dojo and will send home the link soon so that you can see your students’ behavior and progress in class as well as the link to our Evernote that I will post pictures of all the cool things your student is learning!

I am so excited to work with and meet you and your student this year! Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you!

Ms. Rankin



Important dates to keep in mind:

August 5: Locate Orion's Belt with your child

August 22: Make homemade ice cream with your student!

August 25: Back to school night/family science experiment

September 5: Bring your favorite soda bottle to class for bottle rockets!

September 22: Go bug hunting!

September 25: Read a picture book with your whole family.

October 5: Bring your favorite vegetable seed for a class garden!

October 22: Pumpkin carving!

October 25: Family's pick