Losing Love

By- Rose Mary Gracia~4/17/2014

Whispers from doctors all around

Nervous, now scared, tears rolling down my cheeks

I turn to see the baby's body

As I look she gasps for each breath

She fights for us to hold her

Another injection of anesthetics

Slowly she's falling asleep

Worried doctors shake nervously

Saying they're sorry for what's happening

Everyone in shock.

I look at the sweet rosiness in her cheeks

Long dark eyelashes perfectly curled

One long good-bye kiss

I hear one long beep

I start to cry.

Now people gather around a box

A box so small but so meaningful

Her cheeks still rosy but out of life

Eyelashes dark but not curly

Perfectly still like a rock

The warmth of my hand touches her icy body

One day ill see those perfect eyelashes and big bug eyes

Ill see the giggly face she always had

But until that time ill just say I love you

And wait...

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