Five Lines

I am in the hospital, I am scared, in a coma, this might be the end of my life, or will it, I don't know anymore. I might be on the way to death.

Ok, ok don't panic you cant show any sign of fear. You might come out of it, might not, I can here every conversation I cant move though, or talk.

I have to fall asleep, hopefully I am out of the coma when I awake. I wake up, still in a coma. Ugh it has been 4 weeks.

Alright daily exercise, how did this happen? I flew out of a car and hit my head on a stump. Okay I remember that um what else.

What's my favorite sport? soccer okay I seem to be okay another day. sigh* here's the nurse again.

She put a special Chemical on me. I feel different I, I. BEEEEEEEEEEPPPP.

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