Twin Scaling

By Kale Alberts and Megan Aiello

Twin Scaling is a method of propagating plant bulbs that have a basal plate to increase the amount of bulbs faster.

Three types of plants that use twin scaling to propagate are Hippeastrum, Daffodil, and Galanthus.

Supplies: Measuring jugs, plastic containers, scalpel, lighter, cutting board, paper towels, vermiculite, plastic bass, fungicide, distined water.

Steps for Twin Scaling:

1.) Sterilize bulb by removing its dry tunic, trim off its roots and tissues, and leave its basal plate intact.

2.) Dip the bulb in a suitable disinfectant, like bleach.

3.) Slice bulb cleanly from top to bottom, cutting bulb into 8 or 16 segments. Further division creates pairs of scales.

4.) Treat bulb in fungicide before being mixed with sterile vermiculite, seal in plastic baggies and place in a warm, dark place to allow new bulbs to form.

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