Christmas in Chile is much like the way we celebrate in the U.S, but much warmer there! The Chilians have a 9 day special right before Christmas called "Novena". Novena is a Roman Catholic ritual that everyone celebrates. Chilians go around to churches and pray for people, they also sing carols and read the bible. On Christmas Eve they have a huge feast with their family !

"Viejito Pascuero"

"Viejito Pascuero" is the name for old man clause or known as Santa Clause. The chilians believe that old man clause comes through the chimney, brings kids toys, and puts goodies in there stocking! On Christmas the people enjoy the nature and wishes everyone a Felize Navidad!

Christmas in Chile is warm unlike here in the U.S it is freezing. Just like us they celebrate Christmas on December, 25 on Jesus Christs birthday. Chilieans drink cola de mona during the Christmas time and eat  Chiliean sponge cake.

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