William Shakespeare

"Personalities of the Renaissance" - Jamie Costello, AWH, Hour: 4

William Shakespeare's Profile Portrait

Basic Biography:

- Was 52 years old when he died in April 23, 1616

- Was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England (later on he moved to London for a while to pursue his theater career)

- His wife was Anne Hathaway, and he had 3 children

-He was (and is) a well known actor and playwright (he also was a shareholder and poet)

-He attended the local grammar school for education, where he learned and studied classic literature


William Shakespeare was a very well-known playwright, and still is arguably the most famous- even today. He wrote 38 plays in his life time- most of which are still being performed worldwide today. Something unique about his writing, though, is that he not only wrote for everyone (meaning he wrote for the royalty as well for the peasants alike), but he also wrote about a lot of controversial subjects- which varied from him making a lot of double entendres, or creating a heart breaking tragic death.


William Shakespeare really changed the way people looked at theater. His plays that he has written are timeless, and they still get performed worldwide, with the same laughter and tears as in the past. What is so timeless about his works, though, is that they can be translated into any time that you desire, and it still would work. The themes are what's especially timeless, and it can be transferred through anywhere. He also brought up many controversial subjects in the past, which strikes up a lot of conversation, even today.

Fun Facts!:

-He died on his birthday (April 23)

-He was buried in the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, and he said before dying that anyone who disturbed his remains would get "cursed"

-A relative on his mother's side, William Arden, was imprisioned, and later excecuted in the Tower of London for plotting against Queen Elizabeth I.

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