Absolute Brightness

Ms. Berrisford

Tuesday April 15, 2014- Conflict

The main conflict/problem of the story now is that Leonard went missing. Phoebe's mom Ellen is involved in Leonard's disappearance because she is now his new guardian and usually guardians are supposed to be aware of where their children are. Phoebe is also another person who is involved in Leonard's disappearance because she knows more of who he's usually around plus the people that are in the salon that he works in.

I believe the conflict could be resolved by people of the neighborhood to start looking for him since it is a small town not too large, and is easier for people to search for him. "I explained. I felt it was best if the authorities had all the facts to work with." (pg.145)

I would deal with this conflict by also getting people to be more aware that Leonard is lost to ask them if he's been seen, but by the third night if he still hasn't come home I would most likely get it on the news and try to get the FBI, and people that are experienced in looking for a missing person, then just hope he comes home eventually.

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