Benvolio Act 3

Act 3 : Benvolio, Jungkuk Park, Period 3

Today was the worst day ever in my entire life. Mercutio, my good friend died because of Tybalt from Capulet. The disturbance between two men started on the street. Mercutio looked like he wanted to argue with Capulets. Of course, I told him to do not argue with them. I always regret about not stopping him more aggressively. O, my friend Mercutio, why did you do that. I hate my self. Look. I was right. You had to listen to me. To say the truth, Tybalt looked like he wanted to fight with me more than Mercutio. It might make Mercutio angry and start fighting. At first, the mood was not very serious. At that moment, everyone including me and Romeo did not know that somebody will die. Actually, I could not see the battle between Mercutio and Tybalt because of crowd. Suddenly, Romeo threw his body to stop them. And I think this was one of the main reasons for Mercutio’s death. Mercutio was bleeding. It seems like Tybalt stinged his sword toward Mercutio’s right chest. I still remember his curse. “A plague o’ both your houses.” Then, I saw Romeo, who was really mad at that time. He ran to the Tybalt and killed him. Soon, prince came he chose to exile Romeo from Verona. Today was shocking day and I really want two houses, Montague and Capulet, to stop being enemy against each other.

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