Pre-Calc Polar Graph Project

Austin Ha, Dave Sunga

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Phase 2

Our project is supposed to represent a flower. The inside circles represent the buds while the rose and leminscate represent the petals. #polarproject1

a) We experimented mathematically when we tried to figure out the equation for each graph that was drawn out in our pattern. Each circle, lemniscate, and rose graph has a specific type of equation. The circle had a format of r=acos2(theta). The lemniscate was a r^2=acos2(theta), and the rose had an equation of r=acosb(theta).

b) While we were completing this assignment, we learned that each type of graph can form a beautiful pattern that gives us a unique style of picture while figuring out the equation. I got the chance to experiment with different types of graphs and to see how each equation can turn into a graph that is so unique and spectacular.

c) I surely enjoyed working on this project with Dave because we got to learn about polar graphs together and to improve our skills on graphing while working on this project. It also gave us an opportunity to experience the hard work and dedication you need to put into this project. And lastly, it also helped us realize that we need to manage our time and to think this project out thoroughly to get the best grade possible.

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