Efrain Rios Montt (Guatemala)

By : Lexi

About Montt

Rios Montt ruled as a dictator from 1982-1983. In 1978 he found himself interested in a California based church. When Montt returned to Guatemala his faith he had learned about was important to him. The Bible became his textbook, "God is my master and my lord". On March 23, 1982 he was asked to lead a three-man military junta with General Haracio Maladonado and Col. Martinez. In June, Montt overthrew the two other members to assume complete powers. Montt's initial promises to Guatemala to return to "authentic" proved empty. Montt's administration established a special military coup that had powers to impose death penalty on those believed to be terrorists. The killings soon escalated and the campaign was known as beans and rifles. This resulted in widespread fear, many Indians fled over the boarder into Southern Mexico. Montt soon became unpopular. In 2003 Montt ran unsuccessfully for president and in 2004 a judge ordered him to be put under house arrest in alleged participation of death of a journalist during a riot, but in 2006 the charges were dropped. In 2007 Montt was elected to congress and in 2012 retired after failing to win another election.

Montt was accused of genocide and put under house arrest in January 2012 and indicted on March 2012. In May 2013 he was convicted of killing nearly 1,800 Indians and having let other hate crimes such as torture and rape happen. Montt was sentenced to 80 years in prison.

I chose this video because it shows how much destruction Montt put his country through during his dictatorship. Montt was not a nice dictator and that's why many hated him towards the end of his rule. He ruthlessly killed thousands of Indians for things they didn't do.

Creative piece

Montt hurt many, even tho they never hurt anybody.

Montt was ruthless and not a nice guy

He made many die.

Essential Question

How long did Montt rule and what made him such a ruthless dictator?

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