Modest Mussorgsky

perseverance-a steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose or a state.

WHO is Modest Mussorgsky?

Modest was a Russian composer in the Romantic period (approximately 1820-1900). He was associated with the ''the five'', a group of five composers that deliberately wrote russian-sounding music in the romantic era. The group included Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Modest Mussorgsky, Alexander Borodin, Cesar Cui, and Mily Balakirev. Historians are unsure of his death.

WHAT was Modest's biggest accomplishment in his life?

Zhenitba, Boris Godunov, Khovanshchina, Mlada (in which he composed one piece, naming it Night on Bald Mountain), are only a few of his operative works. These do not include the individual compositions that he created, that Rachmaninoff later adapted for violin and piano. The peak of his career, however, was the ''publishing'' of Boris Godunov, in which he staged about a dozen performances, and the opera was mildly popular.

Birth/Death statistics

Modest was born on March 21, 1839, in Toropets, Russia. He died on March 28, 1881, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Modest was an example of Perseverance:

All throughout his very short life (he died at the age of 42), Modest was miserable. No one like his music, because living in the Romantic period/era (1850-1910), everyone enjoyed the french stylings, which were much more reserved, emotional, and gentle. So therefore, he and his group were much disliked by all of society. His music was called ''peasant music'' and even the peasants themselves put themselves high above his compositions. The music that he wrote was rough sounding, and required lots of skill to master. However, no one actuallly played it until Modest died and the famous pianist, Rachmaninnoff, adapted his music for different instruments. He is now one of the most famous composers for violin and orchestral music.

challenge number one

As I mentioned before, Boris Godunov was Modest's most popular opera. It was rejected twice, according to his journals, before the Mariinsky Theatre finally accepted it.

challenge number two

After Modest started composing, The Five started to break apart. This upset Modest greatly, as it was clear the drifting inside the group was due to the criticism from the people. The Five did not break apart officially, but nothing was the same after that.

challenge number three

Tsar Alexamder III, emperor of Russia, personally crossed off Boris Godunov (the piece of music, not the opera) form the list of compositions worthy of being performed in the illustrious and incredibly famous Imperial Opera. This was at the very end of Modest's short life, right before he died.

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