Characteristics of the Free Enterprise

Elijah Beard

Economic Freedom

This is a map of the world showing economic freedom by country. Greener is free-er and red is more restricted

Voluntary Exchange

The people in this illustration are showing voluntary exchange in that they are exchanging grain for fish

Private Property Rights

This cartoon shows that you have the right to do what you want with your property

Profit Motive

This shows that profits drive businesses


The business people are competing in this picture just like they compete for your business

Comment Stream

3 years ago

All of your pictures related well to what I thought you were trying to explain! I enjoyed the private property comic, that made me laugh. I used a similar map for showing economic freedom, and yours was good, so good! Nice job, friend!

3 years ago

Your pictures show a very good explanation of the 5 characteristics. You made it informative but funny at the same time. The video about the governments roles in the economy, helped me understand a lot better!! Great Job!