Genetics GIANTS

genetics are what help decide what traits and genes you will have.

Reginald punnet and William Bateson were among the first English geneticists.Reginald Punnett was born in England As a young boy punnett suffered from appendicitis.  devised the  punnett Square to depict the number and variety of genetic combinations  and had a role in shaping the Hardy-Weinberg law. punnett  and Bateson co-discovered. his contribution to genetics was that he invented the punnett square.

Gregor Johann Mendel was born Johann Mendel on July 22, 1822, to Anton and Rosine Mendel on his family‚Äôs farm in what was then Heinzendorf Austria. , through his work on pea plants, discovered the fundamental laws of inheritance. He deduced that genes come in pairs and are inherited as distinct units one from each parent. Mendel tracked the segregation of parental genes and their appearance in the offspring as dominant or recessive traits. his contibution to genetics was that   his work on pea plants discovered the fundamental laws of inheritance