First aid - the immediate care temparory care given to a injured  or ill person until he or she can get professional care  
have first aid to help if I get hurt.

Abdominal thrust - first aid procedure use to treat upper airway

cpr-using rescue breathing and chest
CPR help us if we get h

universal precaution-designed preventing the transmanation for blood

Universal help our blood.

accident - an unforeseen  I hit my brother by a accident

breathing -process of taking air I had check up at hospital and I had to breath

choke -have difficulty breathing  I got choke off of food.

compressions- action of compressing
me and my brother had to compress.

Emergency-dangerous situation my cousin got shot it was a emergency

faint-barley percitable my cousin had faint.

Heartbeat-pulsation of your heart

our heart beat every day.


-the rhythmic

pulse make my heart beat

rescue - save ,my brother almost got high with car and he got rescued

respiration help us breath.

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