Revised Blueprint Design

For my project it took me a lot of tries to get the Popsicle sticks and thumb tacks to go up without being on a slant. But I had finally found what was making the platform go up on a slant and how I could fix it. First of all there was very little  support on the back of the lifting jack so it was making the Popsicle stick bend, then I put glue on the bottom Popsicle stick which was supposed to be unglued so that it would be able to move properly. Then the platform on the top was only supposed to be glued onto the Popsicle stick on one side because when the jack goes up the Popsicle sticks become close together so it was hard for the jack to move. Then I cut the cardboard because it felt unnesecary to have such a big cardboard but a very small project.

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