Unit 6

Part 9

By Keira Warren
Core 2
March. 23, 2015


The variety of North Carolina coasts and river shape the behavior and life cycles of its inhabitants. Point and non-point pollution and environmental stressors such as urban and/or agricultural runoff, industrial inputs and over-fishing can impact all aquatic populations. Environmental degradation will likely decrease the diversity of  a community by eliminating intolerant organisms and increasing the number  of tolerant organisms.

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"In my opinion, this unit is relevant to my everybody life because..... that's how I drink, bathe, do activities. I do things with water. Everyone does from swimming to catching fish to drinking water basically that's why hydrosphere is relevant to my everyday life.


1. Why is the hydrosphere so important?

Answer - It is just simply to say that without water, cells would not be able to carry out their normal functions, and life could not exist.

2. How does the hydrosphere works?

Answer - The water cycle distributes itself around the planet. That's how hydrosphere works.

3. Explain why the hydrosphere interact to create weather?

Answer -



                                                                  Water Cycle


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Great start! Review the test question guidelines and give credit to the authors who contributed to your completing this assignment. Thank you.