The Woman in the Snow
Inference chart

"The blackbird express" (Page 257) I think that Grady is a person who doesn't like black people so I guess he is racist towards black people.

"Her dark face held no clue of any emotion." (258) I know that when people make this expression it shows that they don't want to be bothered with or something bad will happen.

"A woman running in the snow, without no hat, gloves,or boot. "(257) I know when day dream or am off task I'm always in a rush and forget my things like jackets, notebooks, pencils, etc.

" The same woman he'd seen the previous year. Death hasn't altered her desperation." (261) I think this means that he thought she would be dead because of her age.

"Nobody deserves to be left out in this weather . Ghost or not "(264) I know that no matter what happens, or what goes on, you should treat people the same and let them in.