Our camp is located in Richmond, Virginia. It's really far away from here. Our daily schedule is to wake up at 5:00 and we get ten minutes to change into our training uniform. Then we get thirty minutes to eat breakfast. We start training at 6:00 and ends at 13:00. We get a thirty minute break. This is when I can update my post and send mail. Then at 13:30 we start our second training lesson. Up until the sun sets. Then we are free to go and do whatever we want as long it does't cause problems.


We finally got to do some training. First we learned how to march and listen to orders. The generals commanding the orders was really strict. One guy didn't do what he said and had to chop wood. Another man talked back to the commander and got punished with "bucking and gagging". I felt bad for the man. He couldn't do anything. He was sitting on the ground with his hands together with a stick in between his arm and knee. I'm glad that wasn't me. They thought us how to stay in formation and what happens when someone falls in front of us. I learned some new commands too like "Attention". Then we went of for musket training. There we practiced firing, loading, and cleaning the musket. It was really tiring. Then we went to our tents and talked about our day. There's more training tomorrow. It will be some much "fun"! I hope everything is fine back at home. I miss you guys! #training #boring #tiring #missyou #seeyousoon #love