Ten tips about how they adapted and survived in the desert, oases, coastal plain and the mountains.


Since the desert gets cold at night, you should bring extra clothes. Also loose clothing is better to wear in the day time, because it gets very hot and loose clothing is cooler that tight fit clothing.


The oases provide water. You should grow crops around an oasis because oases have fertile land and It would be easy to water your crops. Also the oases include palm trees which provide shade for you, So you can cool off.


You can build wells, dams, and Irrigation systems so that you could have water available. You can grow crops like grains, fruits, and vegetables. So you will have water and crops to eat and drink.

You can build brick houses. But since you are in the mountains there are Terraces. So therefore, you can store water and have water supply. But you can grow melons and pomegranate.