Diary of the Wimpy Kid

Characters: Mom, dad, Manny, Rodric and Roley

Plot; The setting takes place mostly in school and Wimpy kid house.

Problem: The problem is that his older brother Rodric makes him get in trouble with his parents telling lies. Sissy bullies Wimpy kid a lot in school like throwing his books and lunch food.

Arthur propose;  Arthur propose is to entertain the reader.

Solution; The solution is that teachers looked that Sissy was bulling Wimpy kid and the teachers help him.

Reflection; The reflection is that don't bully people. And to treat people the same way you want to be treat no matter what.  

Introduction; The wimpy kid was on his bedroom at 3 and his brother Rodric woke him up and told him it was time to go to school and that he was late. Then he was getting ready, eating breakfast and then there parents woke up. Wondering what was he doing at 3'o clock then he found it was Saturday and it was all a bad joke from his older brother.

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