Tower Latinoamericana

This tower is located in the city of Mexico, specifically in the corner of the streets Madero and central axis in the Historic center of Mexico City. It is one of the most iconic buildings in Mexico City. Its construction started in February 1948 and took eight years. It measures 183 meters, 204 meters if you include the last stage of the antenna has 45 floors. He beat Anahuac Tower in the City of Mexico and Latin America to Altino Arantes in Brazil.

Since its construction in 1956 until 1972, when it completed the Tower World Trade Center, it was the tallest building in the city of Mexico, and was inaugurated as the first and largest building with glass facade and is also the only skyscrapers around the world to be in an earthquake zone. This building won the record of the highest skyscraper in the world outside the United States and therefore in Latin America. The Latin American Tower was built to host the Latin American insurance company Insurances SA. This building features 361 piles, specially designed to a depth of 33 meters.

A concrete foundation that allows the building was placed literally "floats" on the ground, regardless of the medium that give you piles. This, originally from Mexico, technology was the first of its kind in the world and is still used by all builders of skyscrapers to areas of high seismic risk. The building has a total area of 27,700 square meters of glass and 3,200 meters corrugated aluminum sheet, the sanitary unit alone weighs 50 tons and has more than 4,000 lamps for lighting.

His public viewpoint, located on the 44th floor, was the tallest in the city until the opening of the gazebo on the 52nd floor of the Torre Mayor in December 2004. However, due to its central location, it is said that the viewpoint Tower Latino, offers people the best view of the city. In 1957, to support the earthquake on July 28 of that year, he won the Award from the American Institute of Steel Construction (American Institute of Steel Construction), for being the tallest building ever to be exposed to considerable seismic force . He withstood the earthquake of September 19, 1985, where the tower withstood seamlessly record up 8.1 degrees on the Richter scale, with an approximate duration was just over 2 minutes and the April 13, 2007 bore an earthquake 6.3 degrees in the Richter scale with its epicenter in the state of Guerrero.

It is now considered one of the safest in the city and the world, despite its potentially hazardous location buildings. In 2006 the tower celebrated its 50th anniversary. On April 30 of that year there was a ceremony that included the reopening of the floors 38 to 44 that were remodeled; a museum, and awards from the World Federation of Great Towers (World Federation of Great Towers) were unveiled.

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