Tour of Canada

Canada is one of the best places to tour. Canada has adapted a official policy of multiculturalism ( an acceptance of different cultures) so Canada is filled with many different kinds of places with different cultures.

Canada has a similar government to the U.S. Their government is called a Constitutional Monarchy, which has a constitution to explain the powers of the government and they have a monarch. (king and/or queen)

Canada have deep traditions of the arts. They are even founded by the government to make art. This is a picture of The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.

A lot of Canadians are bilingual (speak two languages) and the two languages are usually English and French, so most Canadians are francophone (french speaking people).

Canada has some problems with separatists (people who want to be a independent country). Some Canadians want Quebec to become a independent country. That has not happened so far.

Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau led an effort to add a Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the Canadian Constitution in 1982. The charter states that people have equal rights regardless of their race, religion, gender, age, or national origin.

Canada has a rich economy. Their openness to trade exports (goods traded to other countries) and their industry (any area of economic activity) has helped them grow into a rich country.

I hope this has persuaded you to visit Canada! See you there!

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