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1.We went in the huge hall and saw a slideshow of all of the kindergartners on. We found seats in the back and sat down. There was a paper on the seat. it said: Graduating classes are Mrs.Borras, Mrs.Burns-Holland, Mrs.Saliano, Mrs.Sullivan, Mrs.Neitzey. I was so happy and proud of my little brother. Then we saw a picture of my brother holding his 100th day of school project that said "I <3 ACA". He looked so cute. Then the teachers and students came and the principal and assistant principal came and gave a little introduction. They started with Mrs.Borras's class and then came Mrs.Burns-Holland class. Finally my brother came up. They announced all the awards he got. he got 4 award and a cookie.

2.  I waited anxiously for my best friend for arrive. They were coming over for dinner. I couldn't wait to see her because her birthday was on Wednesday. Finally the bell rang. `I ran to the door and opened it. She was finally here. We  had a awesome dinner and then we watched Catching Fire for the millionth time.

3. The doorbell rang. I opened it and one of my dad's friend came in. He was one of my favorite people. He always had fun with us. I looked at him and he looked like he came on motorcycle. I looked outside and sure enough it was there. He asked if my brother and I wanted to go on a ride. We both said yes. My brother went first. It took them about 5 minutes. Then I went. WE went kinda slow at first. When we reached our back street I looked at the speedometer and it was on 60 miles per hour. We were going really fast.  He slowed down a little as we went up a little hill and then came to a stop at our house. I had a lot of fun