mLearning Apps for K-12


What is this apps? Mobl21 is an app that allows teachers to publish multiple users or groups, monitor content access, and view test performance of their students. It is also used to create study guides, quizzes and mobile flash cards.

What can it be used for? This app is an excellent asset to teachers because it will help eliminate various learning barriers that would impede students from preforming to their full potential. With this technology students can learn at their own pace because of the unstructured nature of this tools. This in turn supports various types of learners. This app can also be used at anytime which would allow teachers to be more creative with the types of assignments they choose for their classes.


What is this app? Layar is a tool that allows users to see the digital layers in physical spaces. Using this augmented reality browser, developers can sign up to create and edit their own digital layers. This tools is helping to bridge the gab between the digital and print worlds.

What can it be used for? This app would allow teachers to more easily incorporate technology into their classrooms because they can combined the online world with the world of print. This would be very useful in the classroom because it would allow students to have a digital aspect to their learning while still experiencing some of the more traditional and still effective methods of teaching.

StoryKit App

What is this app? This app allows students to create stories, they can be imagined, reflective of their lives, or students can even change the ending of a classic story. They can edit the pages of old classic stories and if they wish, they can even tell the stories from a different point of view.

What can this be used for? This app allows students to explore the structure of classical stories in their own way. Teachers could provide students with various ways of exploring the structure at their own pace. This would make the teaching of story structure a lot more efficient because students would not be restricted by one method of learning.


What is this app? VoiceThread allows students to create mobile discussion using written text, along with pictures and audio material. With this app students can record their voice instead of typing out responses.

What can this be used for? This app would be very useful in eliminating a lot of learning barriers. It is a tool that considers all sorts of students, both those with learning disabilities and physical disabilities. With the multiple types of content that it allows students to use it creates more depth into the process of learning and responding because students can respond in whichever way they feel comfortable with.


What is this app? Shmuppet is a tool that allows students to create their own story or podcast. The story is told with a puppet, and students are able to share the work they do with their friend via Facebook and Twitter.

What can this be used for? This app would be a wise choice on the part of a teacher because it promotes student to create work that they are proud of. Since this app allows students to share their work with their friends they will most likely be more motivated to create something that they are proud of. This will help add a self-motivating aspect to teaching.

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