You Believe What You're Told!

Animal Farm : George Orwell

Propaganda Poster Project

Liz Slawter

Quote: “Do you know the enemy who has come all night and overthrown our windmill? SNOWBALL!” (Page 82)

Napoleon said this because he was mad about Snowball running away. He said that because he wanted to make Snowball look bad. He doesn't know for sure that Snowball was the one to destroy the windmill. Just remember to think before you all of the sudden believe something that Napoleon says. Napoleon wants to blame everything on Snowball because he ran away. Remember to open up your mind!!

Explanation: I basically used bandwagon because pretty much all of the animals believe Napoleon no matter what he says. The animals need to think before they believe what any animal says. I mean is it really possible for a pig to destroy a windmill? I think that a windmill is way bigger than a pig. I tried to make it sound as if the pigs are believing the wrong thing, but I didn't say it straight forward. I want the pigs to realize what they are believing, because it is more than likely not the truth.

Bandwagon: Most people have this or are doing this, so you should.

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