Budding is a type of asexual reproduction. The organism will grow a "bump" on the exterior of the body. Then the bump grows and then it falls off and it is then another organism. A few examples of budding would be a flatworm and a potato.

Mitosis is a type of asexual reproduction. A few examples of mitosis is the reproduction of body cells, like skin and hair cells.

Meiosis is a type of sexual reproduction. A few examples of meiosis when the female body creates sex cells(eggs) and male sex cells(sperm).

Internal Fertilization is when the sperm or egg is released inside of the organism's body, and then the offspring is created inside of the body. A few examples would be  humans and butterflies.

External Fertilization is when the organism reproduces by releasing the eggs into water and then the male coming and releasing the sperm cells into the same water the egg was released. A few examples of this would be a frogs and coral.