Industrial Revolution, Sullivan Nevins hour 1

Our world today is mainly affected by pollution, the main start of this was because of industrial revolution. During the 1700’s we started using factories which cause smoke that would pollute our air, but yet the factories make things so much easier so this smoke build up just continued to expand. Industrial revolution has even affected our water supply, China for example has 70% of their lakes and rivers are polluted from industrial waste. Our world has gotten so lazy since the first factory because now we feel like we have to keep using them in order to continue getting work done. In these factories we make food that is in a plastic container, that many people don't even think about so they will just toss it or will throw it away in the trash. We have created many plastics to store our food which is another main source from pollution. This means building more factories which involves plenty of raw materials, so this takes a lot of natural resources and space. When they are making space for the buildings or factories they are cutting down plenty of trees that we so badly need. Because of industrial revolution we now have polluted water, air and fewer trees for cleaner air. And this all started because of the factory up rise during the industrial revolution, which is why our world is so badly polluted.

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