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Bike MS 2013 - Day One

Over the last two years I have been a part of Bike MS Pedal to the Point.

Previously in 2012 - I raised $500.00 for MS. I was super excited to raise double the minimum to help people with MS. My cycling, however, wasn't the best. Day one was the hottest day, ever...I ended up being taken to the finish like after about three quarters of the way due to an injury. Day two we had a thunderstorm and were taken to the finish like after only half a day. Physically, I was totally bummed that I wasn't able to physically complete the challenge on either day.

Fast forward to 2013.....

Last year I raised $1,000 dollars for MS! I was so excited. This was the largest fundraising goal I've ever met. (Thank you to all the wonderful people who donated! I couldn't have done it without!!!!) Through my fundraising journey, I had the opportunity to meet so many people with MS and helping them find a cure became such a passion throughout this event.

My cycling was also ON POINT! Day One - NAILED IT! I did the 75 miles there with only the regular small water breaks! I felt great...On top of the world!! I couldn't wait to eat lots of carbs with my friends after a great ride on the most perfect weather. Day Two - NAILED IT! I was riding solo and completed the 75 miles home faster than the first day. My butt hurt a little more, but I felt like a million dollars when I crossed that finish line.

This was my biggest physical challenge I've been able to complete and I did it faster than I ever imaged!!

Look out 2014! Here I come!!

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