Adolf Hitler


Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party. It went on for 1933 to 1945. He did not like Jews. Hitler committed suicide with wife Eva Braun on April 30, 1945, in his Berlin bunker.

10 facts about Hitler

1. Hitler was rejected from art school more than once

2.Speaking of art, surprise: Hitler loved iconic German artists

3.He practiced for speeches by taking photos of himself . . . making speeches

4.He was an out-of-control spender

5.Hitler was once ordered to trim his mustache

6.He loved Disney

7.Hitler’s obsession with Wagner began eons before WWII

8.Rumor has it that Hitler had bred an army of talking dogs

9.Hitler was a vegetarian who was diligent about food testing

10.His favorite actor only died in 2011


5 or more people involved in Nazi party

1. Karl Harrer was a German journalist and politician for Nazi party

2. Anton Drexler was a German far right political leader for Nazi party

3. Martin Brown was a prominent official in Nazi Germany as head of the Parteikanzei

4. Adolf Hitler was leader of Nazi party

Hero associated with Hitler

Oskar Schindler: German Industrialist and rescuer of the Jews  

Why is important?

He is important because you could learn from his mistakes

What should we learn about Hitler?

He was the Nazi party leader

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