Australian Identity

1. Reflect on your understanding of Australian culture.

My understanding of Australian culture is that we are very relaxed and easy going people. We are a very wealthy country that is fortunate enough to not have high levels of violence, poverty and inequality. We like to enjoy summers spent around the Barbie and playing cricket in the backyard. Our hair is fair and we have sun kissed skin through spending long days at the beach.

2. Demonstrate your own, individual understanding of culture in Australia over the past 5 years.

Over the past 5 years we have grown to understand more and more of the dangers that are related to having 'sun kissed skin'. Many of our parents and grandparents spent their summers lying on the sand getting gorgeously tanned however our generation is being educated on the dangers of melanoma and skin cancer. The media is reinforcing the idea of Slip, Slop, Slap, seek and slide to inform us on using sun safety methods when outside. This will reduce the risk of sun cancer and create a healthier society.

3. Where do you get these ideas about Australian culture? What influences your understanding?

These ideas about Australian culture are very much influenced by the media and music. The song below 'This is Australia' has lyrics that talk about Australian culture, 'Out on the patio we sit, and the humidity we'd breath, we'd watch the lightning crack over cane fields, laugh and think this is Australia'. The lyrics in this song influence the idea of our Australian culture. The second video below is the recent television series on channel 7 called 'Australia: The Story of Us'. This new television series shows us the history of Australia and what shaped our country to the present day.

The media plays a big role in influencing our ideas of what is Australian, which can manipulate the truth with generalisations and stereotypes that people portray us as being.

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2 years ago

Another great blog post. Your use of media throughout your blog is very well done. To step it up a bit, try removing the questions from the text and start framing your response to them as a WHOLE discussion looking at each topic. Bloggers don't use questions as prompts to write, they just use an idea!