Hiroshima: The Tragedy



This crashed, sinking boat is dull and gloomy making it look like a very tragic scene.


What came with the dropping of the bomb was radiation and tragedy.


My Role

If I was able to provide assistance to the survivors, I would help everyone no matter how exhausting or dangerous it would be. I would risk my life to save all of those other people because one life is worth the lives of thousands. What happened on August 6, 1945 was very tragic and if I could, I would try to help and save as many people as I could. The radiation disease was incurable at the time but the people who had it could still be comforted.

A helping hand.


On a peaceful day in Hiroshima,

With almost no warning,

A flash occurred that killed thousands,

No one knew what had happened.

Everyone, covered in blood,

Many sick with radiation,

Causing more and more to die,

They found that the U.S. had bombed them.

The rivers were filled with corpses,

The skin of many was peeling off,

Everything seemed as if it was the end,

Surviving was becoming very rough.

Even the emperor realized it should end,

He delivered the message through the radio,

Calling out to all who had suffered,

Telling his country that the war was finally over.