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Stomach Cancer

What is Stomach Cancer?

Stomach Cancer.  What do you think when you here those words?  Well I can tell you exactly what stomach cancer is.  Stomach cancer is also called gastric cancer.  Stomach cancer obviously starts in the stomach region and alot of people get Stomach Cancer confused with intestine cancer, colon cancer, or just stomachaches.  People need to learn that when your stomach hurts it might not be just a stomachache, you could, in a slight chance, that you could have stomach cancer, just maybe.

TheSymptoms of Stomach Cancer!

There are many symptoms of Stomach Cancer.  In the early stages of Stomach Cancer you have symptoms such as:

1) Indigestion and Stomach Discomfort

2) A Bloated Feeling After Eating

3) Mild Nausea

4) Loss Of Appetite

5) Heartburn

These are just some that you have in the EARLY STAGES of Stomach Cancer.  In the upper stages of cancer you might have these symptoms:

1) Discomfort in the upper or middle part of the abdomen

2) Blood in the stool (which appears as black, tarry stools)

3) Vomiting and/or vomiting blood

4) Weight loss

5) Pain or bloating in the stomach after eating

6) Weakness or fatigue associated with mild anemia (a deficiency in red blood cells)

These are some of the symptoms for the early stages and the higher stages of cancer.

There are many different causes of stomach cancer.  But something that I find interesting is that men have more than double the risk than women do with getting stomach cancer.  So gender can be a cause.  Also if you are African-American or Asian than you also have a higher chance of getting Stomach Cancer.  So your race has a say to.  Also genetics play a part because you can actually get some of the symptoms from your family members if they had it, such as, your mom, dad, or grandparent.  The next cause is that Also where you live because, if you live in Japan than you have a super high risk of getting stomach cancer.  Then next cause is also lifestyle factors such as drinking, smoking, and/or doing drugs.  These are some of the main causes for Stomach Cancer.

The Stages of Stomach Cancer!

There are 5 main stages of Stomach Cancer.  The first one is Stage 0.  Stage 0 is the earliest stage of Stomach Cancer.  It is very unusual. Stage 1 which is the very beginning and its just on the lining of the stomach.  Stage 2 is where its grown into the muscle part of the stomach lining.  Stage 3 is where it has grown into the the very outer layer lining of the stomach. Which is basically called metastasis, which means it moves from one part of your body to another.  And Lastly, Stage 4 is where, it has grown into the body organs that are located in the stomach.  These are the stages of Stomach Cancer.  

The Treatments of Stomach Cancer!

Stomach Cancer cannot be cured but you can have chemotherapy, which is, where they try to minimal down your stomach cancer by using chemical substances, on its own or from the doctor.  More than likely if you are in the higher stages of Stomach Cancer then you will have chemotherapy on your own.  Also you could have surgery to minimal down your symptoms, but it cannot take the pain fully away.

The Survival Rate of Stomach Cancer!

The survival rate for the early stages of stomach cancer is 63%.  The survival rate for the late stages of stomach cancer is 28%.  Remission is a temporary or permanent decrease or subsidence of manifestations of decrease.  

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