By: Mary Jurgensen

Peasants did not have many roles but sure did play a big part in the feudal system such as worked the land and farmed for food, grew crops and raise livestock but they could do more than just farm.They also could, grind grain,smiths, carpenters, shoemakers, and pay taxes to the lords . Even though it didn't seemed like it most peasants actually have more jobs than just farming.Also, some women with children had to stay at home and raise the children and maintain the household as their role. Peasants could also work for the lords and knights collecting food for the kingdom in exchange for protection and shelter. Peasants were the lowest class of Monarchs, Lords, and Knights but the kingdom is mostly made up of peasants. Overall I think peasants defiantly played a big role in food/farming, carpenters, shoemakers (ext.), and around the household.