K-12 mLearning Options

iOS Apps


What is it? Remind101 is a easy way for teachers to contact students and parents to remind them of important dates and assignments. Plenty of students have mobile devices and they use them frequently so this is a great way to incorporate them into their academic lives.

How can it be used? Teachers can send one message to a large amount of people in a minute and it is sure to be read by all recipients. Instead of individually contacting students and parents, this an easy and free method that allows them to get it done much faster.


What is it? Edmodo app is an easy, free way for teachers to initiate and collaborate classroom discussions. Teachers can upload individual grades, start discussion boards, post assignments and much more.

How can it be used? This would be a great way for teachers to organize their class in an easily accessible way for students. It would be useful for students and teachers because their mobile devices are a huge part of their life and using them in class to discuss concepts would be a great incorporation of mobile learning.


What is it? The Piazza app is a universally used app that allows teachers to ask and answer questions using their mobile device. Answers are recorded so they can be reviewed by teachers afterwards.

How can it be used? Piazza would be useful in large classrooms and assemblies to create a poll and monitor answers to different questions. Teachers can keep track of their students and productively incorporate mobile devices in the classroom with the use of this app.


What is it? Evernote is an app that allows students to actively take notes in class and store them in different files.

How can it be used? This app would be very useful for students who want to use their mobile device as a note taker in class. Although it may limit their notes to just text, it would be great for quick point form notes and reminders.

Study Blue

What is it? Study Blue is an iOS app that allows you create files for different classes and make your own flashcards in them. The flashcards are saved for each class and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

How can it be used? This would be an awesome way for students to prepare for an exam by using flashcards. The flashcards are easy to make and when working through them, you can flag ones you find difficult so you can work on them more.  

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