Farming and hunting groups were in Uganda in the fourth century of BC. By the 1800s, the Baganda, ruled by a king, which they called kabaka, had a very strong army and a great administration. Uganda joined with the British in WW2. Baganda rioted over the British after WW2. The Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel group in northern Uganda, has opposed the Museveni government since 1986.

In Uganda there are 40 different languages. Most of their languages are named from their tribes. English is the official language for the government, education, and commerce.

Ugandans plant crops and have food storages. Ugandans get their food from a local market or supermarket. Ugandans only have two meals a day.

A place to visit in Uganda could be the Kampala Mosque.

A rule in Uganda is if you cut down a tree you have to plant three more.

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