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Like the city it’s called home since 1929, Academy of Art University has always existed on the vanguard of innovation and creativity. The Academy and San Francisco have grown up together and served as mutual sources of inspiration and talent.  Richard S. Stephens, Art Director for Sunset Magazine, founds the Académie of Advertising Art with his wife Clara, in a rented loft at 215 Kearny St. with 45 students. In 1946: The Academy moves to 740 Taylor Street with 250 students and new courses in Advertising and Commercial Art, Fashion Illustration, Cartooning, and Lettering & Layout. In1951: Richard A. Stephens, son of founder Richard S. Stephens, assumes leadership of the school. Throughout his tenure he will grow the school from 250 students to over 5,000 students and satisfies his love of cars by adding the transportation design department and the classic car collection–one of the largest in the country. In 1966: The Academy acquires its own space at 740 Taylor Street and begins offering a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. In 1985: The Academy gains accreditation from NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design) and now has over 5,000 students. For the future, The spirit of San Francisco informs everything we do. As we look to the future, we always look to keep the same sense of innovation, diversity, and wonder that makes our city one of the greatest in the world.Students18,000+

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Admission Requirements

Academy of Art University is an open admission policy institution. Open admission colleges typically have few admission thresholds and will admit all applicants so long as certain minimum requirements are met.

  • Application form or online application
  • $100 application fee
  • Official transcripts from your undergraduate college/university showing completion of an undergraduate degree
  • Statement of intentOne page essay explaining personal goals for graduate school or essay related to a topic as required by the Department

    ResumeDescribe your educational and professional experience

    Portfolio/Demo reelA portfolio with detailed descriptions in your chosen discipline is required

    Student life

    Freshman Ice Cream Social

    This is open to all incoming freshman and transfers of the ART U Athletics family. The new artist-athletes were given a goodie bag consisting of a campus map, important phone numbers, personal hygiene products and candy. After the ice cream was devoured, members of SAAC introduced themselves to the incoming freshman and shared a piece called, “I Wish I Knew Freshman Year…” Wisdom and insight from the upperclassmen included the importance of time management, utilizing the various resources on campus, the power of networking, exploring the city of San Francisco, and how special each artist-athlete is to have the opportunity to make history at the only art university in the NCAA.




    per unit - 3 units per class

    Graduate & Art Teaching Credential


    per unit - 3 units per class


    Application Fee*        $100

    Tuition Deposit*


    Registration Fee*


    Student Activity Fee

            $30/semester, onsite only

    Undergraduate Tuition


    Course Fees

            $400/average per semester


            $875/average per semester


    Estimated undergraduate expenses for a full-time student are $22,086


    I would like to major in Fashion and become a fashion designer 0

    Degree Plan

    Master of

    MFA Fashion Unit Requirements


            27 units

    Directed Study

            18 units

    Graduate Liberal Arts

            12 units


            6 units


            63 units

    Fine Arts (MFA) Degree

  • MFA Costume Design
  • MFA Fashion
  • MFA Fashion (Fashion Design Emphasis)
  • MFA Fashion (Knitwear Design Emphasis)
  • MFA Fashion (Merchandising Emphasis)
  • MFA Fashion (Textile Design Emphasis)
  • Career Discripiton

    Salary : Average - $73,570/year

    It also depends were in the country you are employed, education, amount of experience, industry, company size

    Currant Demand:

  • Almost one-fourth are self-employed.
  • In 2006, the highest concentrations of fashion designers were employed in New York and California.
  • Employers usually seek designers with a 2- or 4-year degree who are knowledgeable about textiles fabrics, ornamentation, and fashion trends.
  • Slower-than-average job growth is projected, and competition for jobs is expected to be keen.
  • Duties:

  • creating/visualizing an idea and producing a design by hand or using computer-aided design (CAD);
  • keeping up to date with emerging fashion trends as well as general trends relating to fabrics, colours and shapes;
  • planning and developing ranges;
  • working with others in the design team, such as buyers and forecasters, to develop products to meet a brief;
  • liaising closely with sales, buying and production teams on an ongoing basis to ensure the item suits the customer, market and price points;
  • understanding design from a technical perspective, i.e. producing patterns, toiles and technical specifications for designs;
  • And more....


    Fashion designers create original clothing, accessories, and footwear. They sketch designs, select fabrics and patterns, and give instructions on how to make the products they designed.

    Job Requrirements

  • creativity, innovation and flair;
  • an eye for colour and a feel for fabrics/materials;
  • ability to generate ideas and concepts;
  • design and visualising skills, either by hand or through computer-aided design (CAD);
  • technical skills, including pattern cutting;
  • garment technology skills/knowledge;
  • a proactive approach;
  • commercial awareness and business orientation;
  • self-promotion and confidence;
  • interpersonal, communication and networking skills;
  • negotiation and influencing skills;
  • teamworking skills;
  • organisational and time management skills
  • Letter of Recommendation

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing this letter of recommendation for Kailie Thomas for a position in your work field at your fashion design industry. Ms. Thomas is an intelligent individual with a great character to take place as one of your employees. She carries passion and uniqueness, which will be sure to advance her throughout working in your industry and will always keep her on task.

    A trait of Ms. Thomas’s that really stands out is her ability to work and communicate with many around her. She is always generous in coping with her peers’ feelings and strives to understand as to why they would act that way. Through my experience with working with her I have noticed that she is so determined to achieve greatness and will never be quick to give up if she does not succeed the first time. Her views on life prove to take a part in what she puts in her work. That said, she is very mature when it comes to her job and takes everything she does seriously. Ms. Thomas’s personality is one many love to be around and she brings positive energy with her wherever she goes.

    Ms. Thomas is well over capable to overcome any challenges you can throw towards her because she will always find a way to turn the challenge to a learning experience. I have no doubt that Kailie Thomas will benefit your industry and work amazingly with what you have to offer. If you have any other questions about Ms. Thomas, here is my information; you may contact me at, or via phone: (678-999-8212).

    Best Regards,

    Dahlia Perez

    Literature Teacher

    El Paso, TX 79936

    Tel: (678)-999-8212


    Collage Application

    Pursassive Essay

    Persuasive Essay

    Collage is experience to learn and to find who you are, also figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. The collage I would like to go to would be Academy of Arts University in San Francisco,California. This is where I would like to pursue my dream job of being fashion designer and work at a top named brand. I do believe that I deserve to go to This University because of many reasons. The first one being that I’m vary creative, I love to think outside the box anyway I can, when it comes to my work or outside activity to make it stand out from all the rest. I also believe that I can make your campus stand out by providing drive and passion in anything that I do; this can provide my benefits in the school. Another quality that will benefit your campus will be that I love to volunteer in any possible way to help theirs in anyway. This will provide your school with a good image that will help other students that like to volunteer want to go to your school for education but also to help the ones in need. In onclusion i thinlk that me attending your wonderful will not only provide me with the knowledge i need to succed but also provide your campus with many qulitys to not only bring students to your collage but give a great image of the school for people to admire.


    Kailie Thomas

    Cover Letter

    Kailie Thomas

    1255 Turtle Dr., Portland, OK 78845 P: (915)-656-4344

    Dear Kimberly Johnson

    I'm writing to apply for the position of a Fashion Designer at Prada. I am confident that my skills are well-aligned with the role, and that I would be an excellent fit for your organization.

    During my time at Pebble Hills High School, I have received recognition for excellence in my work in design as well as gotten awards for my work. I am eager to take my Design skills to the next level and apply them in a professional setting.

    I believe my experiences and track record make me an excellent fit for this opportunity. I have enclosed my resume for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email at a time of your convenience to discuss my background as well as the requirements for the role.


    Kailie Thomas


    Collage Advertisement