Definition of Hate Crime

           A crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence

why do people do Hate Crime

They see themselves as standing up for the beliefs that the entire community share. When some commits a hateful or untoward act towards another human being or their property, it casts an extremely negative shadow over the community in which it took place.  So when a hate crime is targeted against an individual or a particular group, yes they are affected greatly, but I believe it is the larger society as a whole is the most affected and they bear the responsibility for making each and every citizen in the society feel equal and free from hate crimes.

How can will stop it

will can stop it by set a good example by showing respect for others through actions, attitudes, remarks, encourage law enforcement to collect hate crime statistics and make them available to the public, raise public awareness that bias-motivated incidents are crimes and should be reported to law enforcement, and organize forums to examine possible sources of bigotry and hate violence in the community and brainstorm preventive actions.

Young people can to stop hate crime

  • Start a conflict resolution program in their school.
  • Say hello to, and have a conversation with, someone who may appear different from them.
  • Reject all stereotypes.
  • Report incidents of discrimination or hate crimes to parents and teachers.
  • Start a peer education program - to teach bias awareness to younger children.
  • Organize a community-wide Day of Respect or Day of Dialog, in which all members in your community can share strategies to prevent hate crime.
  • Mentor a younger child. Use their creative talents-sing, -write, or paint to share positive anti-violence messages.
  • Start a school or town crime watch program.
  • Advocate violence prevention by writing to their local government representative and sharing their ideas.
  • Offer support to a classmate who has been a victim of a bias-motivated crime.

Hate Crimes in AL

Race: 3,297

Sexual orientation: 1,318

Religion: 1,166

Ethnic/national origin: 822

Disability: 102

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