Georgia Region: Piedmont

By: Lauren Ellis and Kaela Busby

What is Piedmont Known For?

  One of Georgia's largest regions, Piedmont, is the most populous region in Georgia. It as over 4.5 million citizens living in this region. Piedmont is also known for 4 of the most important cities, such as Atlanta, Augustus, Macon, and Athens. Granite is also a major industry in this region.

Granite Industry

  Granite is a very important industry in this region. It provides very good job opportunities with mining.  It also helps a lot with the housing business by providing houses with modern appliances, such as granite. So with lots of people moving to the area means that a lot of people are going to be looking in at business and buying needed materials.

Well Known Businesses

  Lots of well known businesses are in this area, some of these Businesses include the Coca-Cola Factory, Georgia Aquarium, Stone Mountain, and Six Flags. Also the city of Atlanta brings lots of tourists to this region. So starting a business here would most likely be very successful with so many customers and business to cope with.


  Another huge factor that goes in to being successful in this region is climate. The climate here is temperate which attracts a lot of people. Why does the temperate climate attract lots of people? It attracts a lot of people because it keeps temperatures warm, and most people like being warm while enjoying their day outside. So lots of people will come and possibly see your businesses advertisements and become interested.


Chattahoochee River- The Chattahoochee River provides most of the Piedmont Region with water.

Stone Mountain- Stone Mountain is a very famous tourism spot that lots of businesses get there advertising out.

Coca-Cola Factory- The Coca-Cola Factory is also another very visited area where lots of businesses get their advertising out. It's also in the middle of Atlanta, so lots of people see lots more advertising and the businesses themselves.

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