CD Cover and Label

2 DIFFERENT Designs - 1st Mimic of a actual artist - 2nd Original Design by YOU
Dimensions 4.75"x4.75" (Photoshop or Illustrator)

Be creative!  Think like an artist!  
The goal is to represent the album, yet make the features musical artist shine!

Take a look what works!

1. Upload 5 examples of CD Covers that would catch your attention. (Send it to the class on the Edmodo wall)

Browse different websites for images of CD Covers that catch your attention.  Which images look good to you visually? Don't just choose based on the artist.

2. Choose two CD Covers that you would mimic (make a similar design to).  

Out of the designs that you look through, narrow your choices down to two different images.  

3. Create 3 thumbnails for your original.  

On unlined paper, create 3 thumbnails for the original label. 3 thumbnails for the front, 3 thumbnails for the back, 3 thumbnails for the CD label.

*You do not have to create a thumbnail for the label that you will mimic.  You do need to provide a copy of the design though.

4. Design a Front , Back , and CD Label.

You will be creating a design for the front and back of the CD.  It should be 4.75" x 4.75" at least 150 resolution.

Click the button above to download a copy of the CD Label Template.

5. Use appropriate text on the Front, Back, and Label.

Be sure that you add the album name.  Use hierarchy!  Make the title stand out by changing the size, color and/or font.  Your text and images should look professional and appropriate for the theme of the album.

The back of the album should list at least 5 tracks.  Remember most tracks go along with the album name/theme.

The CD label should have text (and image) that matches the images of the front and back.  Take a look at other CD's to get an idea.  You should make it visually appealing (it should not just be plain text)

This is an example of a CD Mock Up. If you want to see actual CD spreads Google CD mock up or CD package.

When you finish you should have 2 designs (Front Cover, Back Cover and Label).

1. You should have one that you have simulated (mimic)...looks exactly like, but with pictures that you have taken or added.

2. You should have another that is fully original.  You can take ideas from other places...but it should be your idea.

Take a look at how you'll be graded on both CD Covers!

6. Trim Print out of Covers and Mock Up

Choose one of the CD packages.  You will create a mock-up of the CD package.  Trim the printout and fit it into a jewel case. Attach the printed label to a CD.