One Word Summary- Brittany Williams, hour 7.

All around the world there are pollution, money, inventions, people, and different ways of living. It’s not just in one place. We don’t just have pollution in one state- it’s everywhere, and it always will be. America is not the only place with money, every country has money, little or a lot. People are everywhere, as well. That’s how all this got started in the first place, from people in many different places. We get our clothes and many other products imported from different countries, more than you may realize. Have you ever looked at the tag of your clothing? It may say “Made from…” and the country name. About 13.9% of the daily consumer’s purchases are imported. Everywhere you go things are happening. The world is struggling, and at the same time improving. Everywhere you go there are restaurants and fast food places, grocery stores, super markets, etc. Some things that happen in other countries can affect the whole world. Therefore, Industrial Revolution has effects worldwide.

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